Keep track of your kids in the physical world & protect them in the digital spectrum.

Bit Guardian Parental Control is an easy-to-manage application designed for parents to remotely track and monitor their children from the comfort of their Android smartphones. The application brings together a lot of features where parents can adjust their kids’ online activities by logging in to their Bit Guardian Parental Control account on the app.

Bit Guardian Parental Control offers two separate apps, one for parents and another one for kids.

The app is designed to help parents to ensure their kids’ safety in the modern digital world. Parents can review all applications installed on their kids’ phone and block the unsuitable ones. Furthermore, they can set time schedule, mark safe zones, define speed limit, and more on their kid’s phone.

The kid’s app allows children to send panic alerts when stuck in an emergency, request a pickup, and also request permissions to access various applications locked by parents on their phone.

Features of Bit Guardian Parental Control

Panic Alert and SOS Button: There is an SOS button on the kid’s home screen in the app. When in an emergency, the child can tap on the button, and the app will automatically send a panic alert to the parent device with the current location details.

App Block: It allows parents control what apps their kids can use on their smartphones. This feature lets parents allow apps they find are suitable and block other apps installed on their phone.

App Install Block: Parents can entirely prevent their kids from downloading any new app on their Android device from the Google Play Store.

Kiosk Mode: This mode is especially meant for younger kids, but you can make some alterations and use it for older kids as well. Parents can allow only a handful of apps on the kid’s device and restrict all other functionalities of their phones.

Geo-Fencing and Speed Limit: Lets parents define safe zone for kids on the map to ensure their safety. An alert with current location is sent to the parent’s device every time a kid enters or exits the defined zone. You can also set the speed limit at which your kids are allowed to travel. Same as Geofence, on exceeding the speed limit, you will be immediately notified.

Calls: The app gives complete control over the kid’s phone so that you can block contacts you want and get back your peace of mind.

Time Schedule: To make your children understand the value of time, this feature lets you set daily time limits for using different apps on your kid’s phone under categories like games, social app etc. There is also a bedtime feature where you can disable the entire activity of your kid’s phone.

App Time Limit: Parents can restrict their child’s app time to a couple of hours by creating app groups. These app groups can be created based on a similar category of apps, kid’s schedule, or on the level of child’s app addiction. The kid can use apps for a fixed number of hours on scheduled days.

Anti-Theft: You can track your kid’s device and locate it on the map. Don’t need to worry even if the phone is in silent mode. You can make it ring from the parent device. In case of loss or theft, you can erase all data and restore default settings on your child’s device remotely from the parent’s phone.

GPS Locator: It shows full location details of your kids’ device so that you know where exactly they are. All you need to do is tap on the respective child and start tracking his/her current location.

Reports: View what are your kids up to under reports. Categories include panic, speed, requests, app access, anti-theft and more.

Other features: There is a ‘pick me’ feature that lets your kid send location details to the parent device so that you know where to pick them up from. Children can also send a request to unblock apps, get time flexibility or unblock the Google Play Store. Parents in return can either allow or deny such requests.